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A Business Handbook for Radical Change

Will McInnes, February 2014
Join the work-place revolutionThere's a revolution afoot . . . don't be left behind. A new dawn has broken. Business has changed profoundly--fueled by aggressively advancing technology and a volatile global economy. So why has most business culture remained unchanged? Most organizations are closed, secretive, siloed, slow to change, and deeply hierarchical. It's time to shock these cultures. Let's burn up the old and start something new.

The wonderfully inspiring Will McInnes is here to make a change--he wants us all to work in places that are supportive, open, conducive to creativity, motivating, and fun. In this book he maps out brilliant ways to create an uplifting work culture. And the buzz has already begun. Will reached out through the social web whilst writing the book and crowd sourced feedback and contributions. "Culture Shock" is already a passion for many.Learn to create a more open, democratic, and productive workplacePacked with real-world examples and backed up by factsStep-by-step, practical framework with actionable tasks to help you transform the way you work for the better"