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Validate Your Startup And Get Customers in 7 Days, When All You Have is a Business Idea

Ryan Mulvihill, November 2015
Thinking about starting a business? Learn how to get your first 10 customers—Without spending thousands of dollars or wasting months on a business idea that won't sell
Do you want to avoid debt from spending all your money on a startup doomed to fail? Do you want to finally join the ranks successful entrepreneurs who live on their own terms?

I was just like you. I read many books on starting businesses and entrepreneurship, and I had a bunch of business ideas in my head, but I always felt lost when it came to making them happen. I tried many times to start a business, but they would just fizzle out and land me in more debt. Then I took a high level course on starting a business form scratch, and learned from successful guru on how he started his multiple million dollar businesses. After learning his process for idea validation I was suddenly empowered to take action on my startup ideas and easily find customers. I began teaching this process to students and they started consistently and easily getting customers for their startups, and building profitable businesses. I took everything I learned and distilled it down an easy to follow process for beginner entrepreneurs to use. Hundreds of businesses have used this process of market validation to create businesses with customers who are eager to buy, before they even created their product. Now you can learn this simple process to kickstart your business ideas and build the startup you have been dreaming of.

It’s not your fault you haven't started a money making business.  Most startup advice books are from multimillionaires, spouting the same generic business advice—meanwhile they have forgotten what it's like to struggle to make their first startup profitable.
There is hope for you to make your dreams come true. All you have been missing is a simple and actionable guide to getting started. This book gives you the exact steps to turn your business idea into a reality.
Start up Action Plan is the guidebook you have been waiting for. Getting these first potential customers is the hardest thing to do for business owners, and I'm going to teach you the easiest, fastest way to do it.
Best of all you are going to find your customers BEFORE YOU EVEN HAVE A PRODUCT TO SELL
I will show you how to get 100's of prospects in your target market for less than $50  (Chapter 1)
Destroy your fears of speaking to your market and develop a value giving mindset (Chapter 2)
Learn how to pitch your potential customers properly on your business idea (Chapter 3)
Create a battle plan for calling potential customers and pre-selling them on your business idea (Chapter 4)
Learn the strategies to guarantee you will have a list of customers eager to buy your product when it's finished (Chapter 5)
Gain confidence in the quality of your business idea—Create a product customers are EAGER to buy (Chapter 6)
If you want stay a comfortable wantrepreneur working the same boring job you have your entire life, DON'T READ THIS BOOK. However if you that BURNING DESIRE to build a dream business that makes you money, this is book is for you.
Startup Idea Action Plan is different from the other generic startup advice books you've read.