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You Don't Learn Until You Launch

Dan Norris, July 2015
From generating ideas to gaining your first paying customers, The 7 Day Startup is the bootstrapper's bible for launching your next product. In it, you will learn: 1. Why validation isn't the answer 2. How to evaluate your business idea 3. How to choose a business name, fast 4. How to build a website in 1 day for under $100 5. 10 proven ways to market a business quickly And much, much more. "People who say there's nothing to learn from failure don't see the big picture. Dan was literally 2 weeks away from insolvency and ready to look for a 9-5 job when he stumbled upon an amazing, yet simple discovery. It doesn't take months to launch a new (and profitable) business. In fact... it might be better if you didn't spend very much time at all. If you've struggled in the past to launch a profitable business and are tired of reading stories about founders who swung for the fences and succeeded, then you need to listen to Dan's story. Dan founded WP Curve and launched it from scratch in just 7 days, turning it into a successful seven figure business. This isn't a puffball story. Dan's journey is common for most of us. Swing and miss. You start to feel like a failure, but listen to what Dan has to say.You'll see that much of what you thought about building a startup simply isn't true. Through Dan, you'll quickly see that launching a profitable startup doesn't have to take years, or even months. It can be done in just 7 days." -- Mike Taber, author of Startups For The Rest Of Us