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One Mind @ A Time

Ron Medved, January 2011
World Peace Really! takes you on a journey to where world peace really begins-inside your own mind. It applies some of the most profound concepts in cognitive psychology to the cause of peace and challenges you to think about your thinking. Your journey begins with a better understanding of how your own mind works. It is the kind of information we all need to know, the kind of education we should be teaching and sharing with our children as they grow. Because world peace really is possible, if we all put our minds to it. When you understand how your mind works, you discover how your habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations can derail your best intentions. You realize how your perceptions of "normal" can impact your capacity for peace. You uncover the mental traps your mind can fall into, and learn the skills you need to get yourself out again. If you walk away with one new learning, make it this: you act in accordance with the truth as you believe and perceive it to be. What are your truths? How did they come to be? What happens if what you believe to be true isn't true for everyone? What happens if you're only partially right...about everything? World Peace Really! asks you to think about your thinking. It's all about creating a better world, one mind at a time.