Posts / August 26, 2011

Kazi Mingi

Kip Keino has been a long time hero of mine. Yesterday myself, April Hiebert and Danny Anderson delivered a duffle of used running shoes on behalf of Brian Michasiw from Brainsport donated from Saskatoon runners, to Kip Keino’s running camp in Eldoret Kenya. Kip met us in person, and was incredibly grateful to all that Saskatoon people who donated their used running shoes. He assured us they will be put to good use and help the 22 marathon runners training at the camp. Since the athletes put in such high mileage, the shoes will help keep the runners injury free. We also visited the Kip Keino High School this morning, which now has 240 students, some of which come from Kip’s orphanage that now has 107 kids. Quite interesting, Kip’s farm provides most the food for the orphanage and school, their cows milked daily to make fresh cheese and milk. Also interesting, Kip dug a 250 foot well to provide fresh drinking water for the farm, but he now also bottles and sells the water which helps support the school. Kip is currently expanding the facility adding another dorm to provide room for additional 72 kids. He had very kind words for Jason Warick and Brian Michasiw for their continued support to the running camp. I also noticed Saskatoon Rotary printed on the main enterance door, Kip said their donations helped purchase desks for the students.

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