Posts / September 24, 2010

The Solution To Climate Change

Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams‘ new book MacroWikinomics explores how mass collaboration is radically changing all aspects of society. One passage from the chapter on solving climate change really jumped out at me:

“Make people and business pay the full environmental costs of what they produce and consume and suddenly every investment and purchasing decision made in retail stores, financial markets, and small and large companies around the world will be made in pursuit of the least-cost low-carbon option. Weaving carbon emissions into every business decision will drive innovation and deployment of clean technologies to a whole new level, and make energy efficiency much more affordable. Industries will need to invent and adopt new technologies that boost efficiency to limit their emissions. And consumers will curtail their own carbon footprints as the prices they pay for things like air travel and exotic fruits begin to reflect their true costs to the planet.”

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