Projects / Apps4Good

An alliance of software developers who were passionate about improving their community, by doing what they love: building software.

December 2009

In partnership with The Hub Halifax, I launched Apps4Good to harness the talent and passion of software developers to give back to their community by building mobile apps.

Apps4Good’s apps were built at events called hackathons, a weekend-long design, coding, and internet-marketing spree. The original strategy was to build mobile apps we can sell, and then donate the proceeds from the sales to local charities. We later shifted our focus to building apps that could help solve local problems.

While Apps4Good was operating, we built some incredible apps like MeetMeHere, WishYouWereHere and Brandagram. Besides the weekend hackathons being really fun, it also brought together a lot of people from different background, building friendships, forming alliances and gaining valuable skills.

I'm really proud of everyone that helped support Apps4Good and took part in the weekend hackathons, so many incredible memories!

Dozens of us were inspired to be part of Dale's initiative and it brought out the best in us by focussing on a shared aspiration of creating apps with some kind of social return. It was a productive, challenging, fun and unique learning experience for us all.

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