Projects / ARMM App

Android app developed for the WorldBank to be used in the Philippines to gather surveys offline for school facilities.

WorldBank, May 2015

ARMM was a native Android app to gather offline surveys about the condition of school facilities and upload collected submissions to a Drupal backend.

I joined the project late, after the previous team had failed to build and deliver a working mobile app. In under two months I built the native Android app from scratch, allowing offline collection of complex surveys including gathering photos, which could later be uploaded when an internet connection became available.

There was a number of technical hurdles that I needed to be overcome, like working with a less than ideal data structure, allowing offline support, development of complex skip and branching logic, and handling the different form field data types.

The app was well received turning a previously failed project into a success story.

Dale has a unique ability to deliver on complex and time-bound projects. A software engineer with a development hat whom constantly strives to deliver for the client.

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