Projects / Extraordinaries

Developed the iOS app for the Extraordinaries micro-volunteer platform, allowing anyone to volunteer on their smartphone.

February 2009

I first saw an early concept video of the Extraordinaries in 2008 which posed the question, 'what if someone could volunteer on their mobile phone, how would that change the world?' That idea blew my mind, so I contacted the Extraordinaries telling them I wanted to help bring that idea to life.

So I began volunteering for the Extraordinaries on Thursdays, the same time I was also volunteering for Ushahidi on Fridays. The other three days of the week I worked for clients to help pay the bills. Surprisingly after releasing the iOS app, the Extraordinaries began winning awards so have the resoures to start paying me part time, increasing my days to two a week and then eventually to a full time employee.

Working with the Extraordinaries was a truly incredible life experience. Ben and Jacob are both remarkable individuals and leaders, and at the time the technology we were building was literally pioneering micro-volunteerism.

The Extraordinaries later rebranded as Sparked, but I still look back at my time with the Extraordinaries with fond memories, high five!

Dale has consistently produced excellent results. He is caring, passionate, and a very fast learner! He picked up iphone development in less than a week! great work. We are lucky to have him on our team.