Projects / OneStory

Video storytelling platform which automatically stitched together interview clips into beautiful mini documentaries.

April 2013

The idea behind OneStory was simple, everyone has a story worth sharing. Unfortunately these real inspiring life stories are not being collected and shared, and sadly being lost.

OneStory aimed to solve this problem by providing a guided interview process which automatically stitched together individual video clips into a beautiful mini documentary. Others could then watch those stories, and get inspired to capture their own story from your phone or webcam.

The was a lot of magic that happened behind the scenes to make this video storytelling platform possible. There was also a number of serious technical challenges we had to overcome.

The asynchronous video stitcher was quite complex, resizing and converting incoming videos, adding opening and finishing credits and stitching everything auto-magically together into web viewable formats. Handling uploads of large videos is also a major technical hurdle, however the mobile apps offered some fancy retry and resume logic to help ensure the videos were uploaded even on slow internet connections.

Unfortunately OneStory is no longer available, however I'm still very proud of the incredible technology we developed that brought this initiative to life.