Projects / RTI El Salvador

Extending the existing Ushahidi's Windows Mobile app with improved map capabilities so it can be used in El Salvador to report crime.

RTI International, May 2010

I was hired by RTI International to add additional functionality to the Ushahidi Windows Mobile app. Previously the app did not have the ability to pan and zoom on the map, instead only offered a static map image of the report.

With a lot of magic and complex calculations, I implemented my own ability to scroll the map, which in hidnsight was pretty incredible considering nothing like that was current available on the Windows Mobile platform.

The app was deployed in El Salvador for citizens to report crime and police to view and respond to those reports, a pretty amazing initiative!

I had the pleasure to work with Dale in the development of a mobile application for one of our projects in Latin America. We actually chose an early design he made, and reached out to him to get it production-ready. Dale has a great drive to work in social projects, was very enthusiastic, and stayed engaged during even after the project, with genuine interest in the actual application of his work.

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