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Mobile app for Ushahidi's mapping platform providing offline capability to view and gather reports from any deployment.

Ushahidi, March 2017

The Ushahidi iOS and Android apps allow offline data collection to quickly complete surveys from your smartphone in any location, with or without an internet connection.

Having built the iOS app for the old version of Ushahidi, I was excited to return to build the mobile apps for their new version of their mapping platform.

The app was developed using the Ionic Framework, utilizing the same code base for both iOS and Android. The app offered the same rich experience as the web client such as viewing and submitting reports, and browsing data on the map.

It also added new functionality not currently available on the web like gathering reports offline, and adding multiple deployments to the app.

Besides having multilingual support, I also added whitelabel functionality allowing the same code to be rebranded and published as a standalone app that points to a single deployment. This kind of whitelabel functionality was not currently available on Ionic, so implemented this using Cordova hooks to import the whitelabel configuration to the project, so we were able to generate a new whitelabel version simply by running a single command.

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