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Dirty Oil, And The Alberta Tar Sands

February 3, 2010

Dirty Oil, a documentary film that explores the controversy surrounding the development of Alberta’s tar sands, the battle between industry, government, local communities, environmentalists and the...
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Petropolis, Aerial Perspectives Of The Alberta Tar Sands

February 3, 2010

Petropolis, a documentary filmed primarily from a helicopter gives an unparalleled view of the world’s largest industrial, capital and energy project, the Alberta tar sands. Canada’s tar sands are ...
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H2Oil, The Tar Sands And The War For Water

February 3, 2010

“We are creating an environmental catastrophe that will take centuries to recover from…if we recover at all.” – David Suzuki The documentary H2Oil tells the story of one of the most significant and...
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Shock Waves, A Radio Station For Justice In The Congo

March 12, 2009

Shock Waves is a powerful documentary about Radio Okapi, a radio station in the Democratic Republic of Congo helping ‘the poorest people to be heard’. The movie follows several Okapi reporters on ...
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The Great African Scandal

November 25, 2007

Everyone should watch this video, shocking and realistic look how the rice and chocolate we eat and the gold we wear, effects the lives of those in Africa, and unfair trade practices of World Bank ...
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Radiant City : Urban Sprawl Documentary

May 13, 2007

Last night I watched Radiant City at Broadway, a Canadian documentary about how urban sprawl is quickly eating the planet and creating vehicle dependent zombie monocultures. “Radiant City is a fas...
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