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To Young Canadians

August 22, 2011

Today we lost a great man, a great politician, and a great Canadian. Jack Layton passed away after a long battle with cancer on August 22nd, 2011. But before he left us, he wrote one final note for...

Thoughts on the Canadian Election

May 4, 2011

On Monday May 2nd 2011, Canada held it’s forty first federal election, resulting in a Conservative majority, and for the first in Canadian history, the NDP as the official opposition. I’d like to s...
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I Vote Because

April 2011

Pro-democracy movement to encourage Canadians to share why voting matters, why every voice counts.
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Why Social Media Will Define The Future of Politics

May 14, 2009

On Monday, May 11, Halifax was home to first round of talks on a cross country tour where members of Parliament met with local non-profits to discuss ways to reduce poverty in Canada. I attended th...
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