Proud to have helped bring these great projects to life.

August 2019

New tab extension for Chrome that makes it fast and easy to find and search through your bookmarks and history.
chrome extension


Ushahidi, April 2018

Emergency checkin system making it easy to triage communication so teams can stay up to date during a crisis.
android crisis disaster ionic ios pwa

Saskatoon AED Locations

October 2017

An iOS and Android prototype to showcase the city's open data initiative, displaying AED locations across Saskatoon.
android civic ionic ios opendata opensource

Ushahidi Mobile

Ushahidi, March 2017

Mobile app for Ushahidi's mapping platform providing offline capability to view and gather reports from any deployment.
android crisis disaster ionic ios mapping


WorldBank, May 2015

Android app developed for the WorldBank to be used in the Philippines to gather surveys offline for school facilities.
android humanitarian native worldbank

ReliefWeb Crisis

ReliefWeb, April 2015

Aggregates crisis data from the UN agencies ReliefWeb, FTS, and ACAPS making it easily acessible on your mobile device.
android crisis ionic ios unitednations


UNOCHA, March 2015

UN field handbook for expert deployments used in response and preparedness missions in natural disasters.
android humanitarian ionic ios unitednations

INSARAG Guidelines

UNOCHA, March 2015

Making the international guidelines for countries affected by a sudden-onset disaster easily accessible on your mobile device.
android humanitarian ionic ios unitednations


April 2013

Video storytelling platform which automatically stitched together interview clips into beautiful mini documentaries.
android ios native rails rails storytelling video

Humanitarian Kiosk

UNOCHA, December 2012

Humanitarian Kiosk provides a range of up-to-the-minute humanitarian related information from emergencies around the world.
android humanitarian ionic ios native unitednations

YXE Votes

October 2012

Local initiative to help inform Saskatoon voters for the upcoming civic election, providing ward regions and summaries of candidates.
civic election wordpress

YXE Voices

June 2012

Civic engagement platform to spark conversations, report problems, and take action in the community.
civic engagement ushahidi


May 2012

Helping bridge the gap between groups in needs, organizations with resources and individuals with skills.
nonprofit rails socent volunteer

BongoHive Workshop

December 2011

Two week Android mobile app development workshop in Zambia at the BongoHive in Lusaka.
android development teaching

Repurposed Labs

May 2011

Giving a new purpose to old computers, inititive to repurpose used computers into public terminals providing internet access to marginalized groups.
community nonprofit wordpress

I Vote Because

April 2011

Pro-democracy movement to encourage Canadians to share why voting matters, why every voice counts.
civic election politics rails

SK Floods

March 2011

Ushahidi deployment to map and monitor the spring floods in 2011, providing location and images of flood damage.
disaster mapping ushahidi

Ushahidi iOS

Ushahidi, January 2011

iOS app for Ushahidi's V2 platform providing an easy way to gather and view reports on your mobile device.
ios mapping native

FrontlineSMS Mapping

Medic Mobile, November 2010

Plugin for FrontlineSMS for collecting reports via SMS and uploaded to an Ushahidi deployment.
ict4d java sms

FrontlineSMS Reminders

FrontlineSMS, August 2010

Open source plugin for FrontlineSMS adding the ability to send scheduled reminders via SMS.
ict4d java opensource sms

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